In the Beginning…

Dear People of the Internet,

Welcome to Grain & Noise, a blog about movies. That’s right, you read that last sentence correctly. I’ve come up with the novel idea of writing a blog about movies! I’ve answered the call.  I’m ready to make a difference. I’m finally putting four years of film school, ten years of library VHS tapes, and one under utilized Netflix streaming account to good use. I’m writing a blog! And as a semi-articulate, moderately interesting, twenty–four year old Caucasian male I think you’ll agree my voice will be truly unique and insightful. The Greatest Generation had WW2 and interstate highways. The Baby Boomers had Woodstock and credit card debt. We, the Millennials, have blogs!

In fact, it’ll probably be one of those things that I update rigorously for a couple of weeks, talk about incessantly and then one day, out of the blue, just drop. But for now, I’m trying it out.

So, Grain & Noise will work like this, each week I’ll watch a movie on my Netflix que. Then on Sunday night, at three in the morning, after eating two bags of microwave popcorn, I’ll hash out a couple paragraphs on that week’s selection. It won’t be a straight review format. I might give superlatives. I might just post pictures from the film with captions. I might go off on a tangent totally unrelated to the movie at hand. That tangent might pertain to the absurdity of NY Yankees brand cologne. I mean seriously? I see these ads all over the subway for cologne from the NY Yankees. Who in their right mind would buy Yankees brand cologne? Never have I watched a baseball game and thought to myself, you know, I want to smell more like those players. And wouldn’t it be kind of embarrassing to buy? I get nervous enough asking for the mustard. Just imagining the look on a cashiers face if I requested Yankees brand cologne gives me heart palpitations…

And finally, please remember that this is my first time posting on a blog, hell, probably my first time posting on a website.  There will be grammatical errors. There will be comma splices. There will be run on sentences. There will be unfinished thoughts. There will be blood.

Thanks in advance for reading.


Also, don’t you hate the word blog? It makes me think of a bog. Then I think of Wade Boggs. He’s got a weird name right? Because you can literally wade through a bog.

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  1. Daniel Key · · Reply

    This reminds me of our show on KRZA. Hopefully it will be a little more coherent. Good luck, I’ll be reading!

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