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Capricorn One

Capricorn One (dir. Peter Hymas, 1978) “My generation thought that if it’s on television, it’s true. I was sitting there one day watching TV and CBS News was covering the space shots. They would cut to a simulation in St. Louis, Missouri of what was going on with the Apollo missions. I realized that the […]

The Big Picture and Pacing

It pains me to put any part of this film into the Mistakes Were Made category, especially because on paper The Big Picture has a lot going for it: – It’s the directorial debut of Christopher Guest, one of the sharpest improvisers out there. – It’s the story of a student filmmaker (Kevin Bacon) who makes a well received short film […]

Meatballs Title Track

So I’m adding a new feature to the Grain&Noise blog. It’s called Mistakes Were Made and it’ll function as a record of the worst things films have to offer. These can be individual scenes, performances, jokes, songs, sweaters, whatever. If I notice something and it makes me audibly groan, or put my palm to my […]