Hmmmm, where to begin? Okay, I was born in Boston but I grew up in Fredericksburg, Virginia…ehhh, that’s boring.

How about this, the first movie I can remember seeing in theaters was Cool Runnings. You know, the one about the Jamaican Bobsled team that Disney produced. It starred John Candy and Doug E. Doug. I went with my friend Nick MacIntyre and his Mom to one of the kid’s matinees. And I’d never been to a movie before so the whole experience seemed ritualistic… almost religious. The dim lights.  Nestling into the seats. The silence. The overall experience was pretty affecting. I mean, I was genuinely moved. Well, as moved as a seven year old can be by a film that features the line “How ’bout I draw a line down the middle of your head so it looks like a butt?”.

Especially powerful was the final scene when the bobsled team picks up their sled and walks across the finish line, knowing damn well that they came in last but finishing the race anyway. Jesus, even now it almost brings tear to my eye. Ever since that moment…

Wait. What’s that? Hold on. You’re saying the About page shouldn’t be about me necessarily; rather it should describe to the visitor the blog he or she is reading.


I understand.

In that case, Grain & Noise is a blog about film.  Plain and Simple. Like the law firm. In some posts I’ll review old films. In other posts I’ll make a list of my favorite moments in Swedish Party Cinema (not a real genre…yet). In other posts I’ll describe in detail the breakfast I had this morning.  There’s no real pattern or point. Just try to go with it.

Sorry about the confusion,


Also, please feel free to judge these posts. I’m serious. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not an expert. And even if you don’t know me you’ve probably already figured out I’m not an expert. Please Respond. Write comments. Tell me where I’ve failed. It’ll make you feel better.

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  1. billvan61 · · Reply

    I’ve just read your review of “Three Days of the Condor” after watching the film on a one-way flight from Minneapolis to Los Angeles and — now I’m a fan!

    Thank you.

    And especially for the mention of Crispix and that tambourine in “Three Days” — details that convinced me I had found a fresh voice on the movies.

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