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Livin’ On The Edge

The Edge (dir. Lee Tamahori, 1997) “You’re thoughts have a kind of Eastern flavor to them…”  “Well, I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole life.” – The Sopranos “The Edge has been criticized for his efforts to build five luxury mansions on a 156 acre plot of land in Malibu, California” – Wikipedia entry on […]

Eat, Prey, Love

So here’s my first semi-review gang. Enjoy. Or at least be slightly amused. The Naked Prey (dir. Cornel Wilde 1966) “Ain’t no need of even askin brah, the best women all reside in Africa, and that’s real.” – Ludacris, Pimpin’ All Over the World. (This quote doesn’t really have anything to do with The Naked Prey […]